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Shipping and Order Status


There are 2 distinct stages to process your order: Handling and Shipping

This first stage is where we obtain any additional info we need from you and route your order to a shipping warehouse for picking and packing. Please note the section entitled "Handling Time" in each item description as we make our best efforts to provide a realistic time-frame based on our experience with that particular item. Please reply quickly to any information requests from our Order Processing Department to ensure your order exits this stage as soon as possible.

Once your order has been approved, picked and packed, it enters the Shipping phase, which is the time from the package being actually mailed out the warehouse door to the time it reaches you. Please note the "Ship Method" section in each item description to determine which method your item ships by and use this key below:

This refers to traditional ground delivery such as UPS, FedEx Ground, DHL and USPS. These carriers typically deliver within about 3-5 business days.

This is for most items we sell, which are large and/or heavy or delicate items that cannot ship via the common carriers. Freight shipping usually takes up to 1 week for delivery.

See our comprehensive Freight Shipping FAQ Guide here for full details:
Freight Shipping FAQ

If we requested further details from you, please contact our Order Processing Department so we can get your order cleared to ship. If your order was cleared for shipment, please contact our Tracking Department to obtain your Freight Carrier and PRO Tracking number:

ORDER PROCESSING DEPARTMENT = (direct line: 512-692-7615)

TRACKING NUMBER DEPARTMENT = (direct line: 512-697-9743)