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Reliabuy Ratings System

ReliaBuy Ratings System™

The detailed ratings we provide are a combination of objective and subjective ratings by our staff. They are NOT customer reviews however they do take into consideration feedback we have received from our customers as well as both Manufacturer info and our own personal experience in dealing with them. As customer reviews are often based on extremely small sample sizes when it comes to commercial equipment as well as being highly biased, the ReliaBuy Ratings System offers a more comprehensive view.

In general, our ratings system is provided in an effort to help our customers better understand what they are paying for in a particular piece of equipment in terms of quality, price value and warranty. While some units have a lower build quality yet are a tremendous price value, others have a high price and good warranty so our exclusive scoring system allows these 2 very different models to be compared to each other.

Here is some additional information on our exclusive ratings system:

This takes into account aspects of the product such as overall build quality, fit and finish, materials used, country of origin, design and appearance as well as special features. In general a product made in China will be rated lower than a product made in the US however this is not a hard and fast rule as there are sub-par American factories in terms of quality and there are select high-tech factories in China these days that are producing good quality products. As such, this rating is not solely based on country of origin but the product itself as well as the other aspects described above.

This is a simple yet somewhat subjective measure of how the price of this item compares to other items in its product CATEGORY. For example, as a new 3-Door Display Freezer normal market price may be $8k, a model that is only $4k would receive a very high Price Rating, regardless of all other factors. Of course while that model scores high on Price Rating, its other aspects such as Unit Quality and Warranty may ultimately yield a lower overall Total Score.

This is an objective measurement of the item’s warranty program. While different product categories that have different scoring charts, here is an example of the Refrigeration products Scoring Chart:

10/10 = 3-Year Parts & Labor + 2 Additional Years Parts-Only on Compressor
9/10   = 2-Year Parts & Labor + 3 Additional Years Parts-Only on Compressor
8/10   = 1-Year Parts & Labor + 4 Additional Years Parts-Only on Compressor
7/10   = 1-Year Parts & Labor
6/10   = 1-Year Parts-Only
5/10   = No Warranty (ReliaBuy does NOT carry products without a Warranty)